Home Staging Tips

Look at your home from a Buyers point of view, The Power of First Impressions!  Home Staging simply helps your home look more attractive while highlighting some of its best features.  If your home is on the market, your goal is to make potential buyers feel like they could live there, and the finest way to do this is to neutralize the surroundings.

Curb Appeal:

-Your home must be in good repair
-Numbers on your home should be easy to read
-Drive around your neighborhood, looking at which houses look most appealing and why?
-Keep the property well-presented at all times
-Freshly mowed lawn and trimmed shrubs
-In the summer, water your grass and garden 30 minutes before and open house, this will make your lawn sparkle before an open house
-In the fall, Leaves must be raked
-In the winter, snow must be shoveled
-Walkways sanded or salted during winter
-Complimentary potted plant at front door
-All windows and window coverings cleaned (hire a service)
-No torn screens
-Rid driveway of any grease stains with an eco-friendly chemical solvent
-Tidy garage to show off size
-Pick up all pet droppings and debris
-Porch clean and tidy
-Doorbell operational and Front door hardware in good repair

-Maintain your backyard.  If you have a pool or hot tub, make sure that it has been cleaned


-Focus on highlighting the most visible areas in your home (kitchen, living room, master-suite and family room)
-Get rid of clutter, pick your favourite charity and donate, rent a storage locker
-Clear closets to make them appear roomier
-All closets should be neat and tidy
-Depersonalize, No family photo’s (Potential homebuyers need to picture themselves in the space)
-A clean house leaves the impression the house is well cared for
-Ensure cupboards open and close properly
-No taps are dripping, no broken switches, and sticking doorknobs (buyers spot small problems and then start looking for bigger ones!)
-All windows cleaned on the interior and exterior
-Furnace cleaned and wiped down
-CLEAN, clean and clean again!  Hire a professional service
-Appliances should sparkle
-Keep your kitchen clean and clutter free
-Countertops, taps, sinks and bathtubs should be spotless, loose caulking or grout should be replaced!
-Inside all cupboards should be clean and neat
-All beds must be made!
-All floors should be spotless!
-Let in some Air!  Open windows for 10 minutes every day
-Let in the light, keep it bright!  Turn on all lights for showings!
-Set blinds at one level and drapes drawn evenly
-If walls are dark, consider repainting.  It’s a great investment and could add dollars to your final selling price.  Choose light, neutral colours for the greatest appeal
-Consider replacing worn, dirty, outdated carpeting
-No televisions on during showings, use soft background music!
-Buy some great lamps for dark room
-Use mirrors to help smaller rooms look more open
-Consider boarding pets or leaving with friends/relatives
-keep aquariums and small animal cages spotless
-Use lightly scented candles
-Use white, fluffy, clean towels for bathrooms (consider buying new)
-Add charm inside and out with fresh flowers
-Add special accents that make your home appear comfortable and inviting
-Be aware of any odours emanating from cooking, pets or smoking.
-Maintain your backyard.  If you have a pool or hot tub, make sure that it has been cleaned

Important – All valuables such as jewellery, vases, figurines, mementos and laptops should be safely situated out of reach or locked away.  Consider using a safe deposit box

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